The Blue Gin at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort invites you to relive a moment of your childhood with “Le Candy’s”, a delicious sweet cocktail. 



- 5 cl vodka infused with Tagada strawberry sweets
– 3 cl Red Passion Alizé
– 2 fresh strawberries
– Lime 





Use a glass such as the one you use to serve an old fashioned. Add 1/2 lime cut into 4 pieces, a tablespoon of brown sugar and some cut up pieces of strawberry. Crush the three ingredients.


Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add 4 cl of vodka (infused with Tagada strawberry candies) and 3 cl of Red Passion Alizé.


Mix everything. For decoration, slice a strawberry in half and add to the rim of the glass, or make a marshmallow skewer.



Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health