Villas du Sporting


Ideally located on the Monte-Carlo Sporting peninsula, the Villas du Sporting represent a real-estate innovation in Monaco.

Sea-front villas in the heart of the Principality: the most exclusive setting possible to live the magic of Monaco in the most privileged manner. Spread over a vast stretch of land nestled between the Summer Sporting and the Rocabella, these three villas of approximately 500 m² each offer the ultimate high-end luxury amenities.


These unique villas generously spread, blend and mingle amongst lush vegetation, under the umbrella pines, cypresses, Atlas Cedars and magnificent palm trees.


A contemporary creation set in a Mediterranean atmosphere, designed in accordance with high quality strict environmental requirements and in an innovative architectural spirit devised by Christian Curau and Laurent Gire.


The Villas

This set of three villas exudes a feeling of serenity, accentuated by the surrounding green spaces and sea. The proximity of the rounded Monte-Carlo Sporting and the curved land of the peninsula inspired architects who chose as the direction line: curves


Plans were entrusted to interior designer Olivier Antoine who designed the layout and the villas equipment. The exterior facades curves also extend to the interior, into different rooms, which create a space devoid of blind or neglected space.


The three villas are intended for long-term renting. Materials were carefully selected favouring unity of raw materials used in order to obtain uniformity and consistency throughout the villa. Floors are exclusively made of marble. Finally, most of the furniture is tailor made and moulds itself to the rooms rounded shapes.


Each villa enjoys its own private swimming pool, a large private garage, and direct access to the sea, a unique experience in the Principality.


The Gardens

The gardens exude a genuine and intimate atmosphere thanks to landscape architect Jean Mus who had the desire to harmonize the mineral of the buildings and the surrounding vegetation.


Jean Mus wanted to associate mineral architectures (buildings and surroundings) for the sake of overall coherence in relation to the nearby landscape. The villas development blend in with the wooded area while maintaining its architectural integrity.


  • Amenities and service
  • Optional amenities
  • Villas details
  • Gardens details
  • Two decorated unfurnished villas
  • One decorated and furnished villa
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Open access to Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort lagoon and fitness room
  • 24/7 outside security
  • All energy consumption (electricity, water, air conditioning and heating), high-speed internet and Wi-Fi
  • Maintenance and upkeep of communal gardens, swimming pools and private gardens
  • Butler
  • Home chef
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Room service
  • Limousine and chauffeur
  • Use of the Sporting Club Helistation (administrative conditions apply)

VILLA N° 1 (unfurnished villa): 550m² living space

Ground floor: 370m² (living room, 2 bedrooms and dressing rooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, video room, gym, kitchen and service room)

1st floor: 180 m² (3 bedrooms and dressing rooms, 3 bathrooms)

Balconies and terraces: 200m²

Private underground parking: 325 m² (private parking and service rooms)


VILLA N°2 (unfurnished villa): 490m² living space

Ground floor: 323m² (living room, 2 bedrooms, dressing room, 2 bathrooms, video room, living room, kitchen)

1st floor: 167m² (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Balconies and terraces: 170 m²

Private underground parking: 300 m² (private parking and service rooms)


VILLA N°3 (furnished villa): approx. 650m² living space

Ground floor: 353m² (Living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, video room, gym, kitchen, service area– with service bedroom)

1st floor: 152 m² (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Balconies and terraces: 276m²

Private underground parking: 547 m² (private garage, service room, 140m² play room)

The pine grove


All the umbrella pines on the original site have been preserved. Jean Mus accentuated the Mediterranean atmosphere on the edge of the path. New citrus trees complement the pedestrian path. They bring scents and colours to the visitors. The creation of 3 villas in the existing pinewoods implies a “partitioning” of the space. Indeed, the villa space and the pine grove must enjoy protection from visitors.


The Villa gardens


The development of villas is parallel to the safeguarding of existing vegetation and the enrichment of the garden’s botanical heritage. Jean Mus accentuated the soothing and exotic atmosphere by planting Canary palms. The vegetation was densified to insert the villas in lush green setting.


The seaside embankment garden


The young Aleppo pines planted will adapt to the sea spray as will typical seashore plants such as seaside atriplex, pittosporums tobira; limoniastrum, mastic tree… These plantations protect the more fragile species in the back of the garden, but above all create a botanical barrier from the sea which will allow better integration.