Monte-Carlo Rally


The Monte-Carlo Rally is nicknamed “Le Monté”.  This is a veritable institution in the world of car rallies and the opening round of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) World Rally Championship. 

The early days of the Monte-Carlo Rally 


Monte-Carlo RallyCreated in 1911 by the Association Sport Automobile Vélocipédique Monégasque – the ancestor of the current Automobile Club de Monaco, the Monte-Carlo Rally united some 23 competitors from different European cities for its first ever event. It is organised every year in January in the Principality of Monaco. They all had to reach Monaco with an average of 10 km/h, passing through the winter frosts: an extremely challenging task at that time of year. They tackled snow and ice on difficult roads, with the race proving to be just as much a test of regularity as it was mechanical and human endurance. And such was the success that the following year, the number of drivers quadrupled! Although this is not the sporting event that we know today, it certainly got off to a winning start!


Over the years, the race has gained in maturity and evolved: time and speed now count! Since its entry into the European Rally Championship and then the WRC (World Rally Championship) in 1973, the Monte-Carlo Rally has attracted more and more audacious competitors, including non- professional amateurs who simply love the race, enthused by its fame and unconcerned about their classification.


A unique world rally

Today, the rally crosses through, the Ardèche, the Haute-Loire, the Drôme, the Vercors and then the Alpes-Maritimes to the Col de Turini before finishing up in Monaco where the prizes are awarded at the Prince’s Palace on the famous Rock of Monaco. Altogether there are 465 km of timed stages along difficult and rugged roads. Drivers can show off their dexterity to the delight of thousands of spectators who have the chance of witnessing the roaring engines of the cars at full throttle. The crowd is such that during the 81st event in January 2013, the AMC had to cancel certain stages of the course where there were too many spectators; they did not leave enough space for the competitors to safely pass.

The stages are televised internationally, thus generating even more passion for the sport. The Monte-Carlo Rally has become a legendary event, bursting with thrills and twists. It is one of the rare events to bring together professional racers such as Sébastien Loeb (a record-breaking 9 times WRC World Champion, and 7 times winner of the Monte-Carlo Rally), Sébastien Ogier and Daniel Sordo, along with many passionate amateurs.

A legendary competition offering an amazing show!

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