Get ready for summer at the spa with the Electrolift® face and body treatment at the Monte-Carlo Beach


The spa at the Monte Carlo Beach is getting ready for summer with the new Electrolift face and body treatment


Once again this year, we are adding a new body treatment, the Electrolift, to our range of leading-edge offerings. These include a heated slimming treatment, a detoxifying treatment and a bust-firming treatment.

The scientifically and clinically proven Electrolift treatment technology combines powerful natural active ingredients such as guarana for its slimming and detoxifying effect and the African plant kigelia to firm and tone.


For the face, Electrolift® acts in the heart of the dermis or subcutaneous tissue according to anti-ages targeted and personalized programs. Using natural components as AHA and hyaluronic acid, this revolutionary treatment activates cell regeneration, the skin regains its shine and firmness. 


Body: A 45-minute session: €130 per person 

Face: Session of 30 min or 45 min : 120 to 160 € per person


Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 and from 10:00 to 20:00 in July and August