Rebecca and the Koolcats at the Bar Américain from 26 March to 7 April 2013


From 26 March to 7 April 2013, come see Rebecca and the Koolcats live at the Hôtel de Paris


Hotel de Paris Monaco Rebecca Koolcats The Bar Américain is proud to welcome Rebecca and the Koolcats for some fabulous spring entertainment.


Rebecca is an Australian singer and flautist. Formerly Miss Australia, she has received nominations for the prestigious “Australian Music Mo Award” and “Most Promising Artist” .

After moving from Sydney to continue her international career, she sang for Queen Elizabeth of Britain at Windsor Castle. 
Rebecca then crossed paths with the Koolcats, an acoustic trio with Franz Goeth on the guitar and vocals, Patrick Baudin on the drums and Olivier Berge on the double bass. The group will also feature alongside Laetitia Casta in the upcoming film Les Lendemains qui chantent.


Together they reinvent and revisit the greatest jazz, swing, pop, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll artists, incorporating their distinct signature, the “Koolcats touch”.


Currently on tour in Europe, Rebecca and the Koolcats have performed at the Plaza Athénée Paris. When they come through Monaco, they will come and perform at the Bar Américain of the Hôtel de Paris for an unforgettable musical experience.





The Bar AméricainHôtel de Paris

From 26 March to 7 April 2013




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