Sublime Polynesian Massage at the SPA Cinq Mondes


Discover this original treatment body massage inspired by the Lomi Lomi tradition at the SPA Cinq Mondes of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and experience a total sense of well-being.




Massage Sublime de Polynésie - SPA Cinq MondesA massage inspired by the Lomi Lomi tradition 

Lomi Lomi massage is practised by traditional island healers and is based on the principle of harmony between mind and body.
It consists of making wide fluid and rhythmical movements with the forearms, elbows and hands to release blocked energy.


Dermapuncture® at the heart of Sublime Polynesian Massage

By applying various sources of heat on the body’s vital energy points (Dermapuncture®) and original smoothing and kneading techniques with the fingers and forearms, the entire body becomes relaxed.


Phyto-aromatic Cinq Mondes 

The massage is carried out with Huile Sublime® (Sublime Oil) and Baume Sublime® (Sublime Balm), both certified 100% organic and enriched with a phyto-active complex containing Tahitian noni and monoï oil. The skin is nourished, protected and more beautiful.
The fragrance consisting of vanilla, benzoin and orange essential oils takes your senses on a Voyage Sensoriel®, travelling over the sunny beaches of Polynesia for a completely relaxing experience.



The key stages of the “Sublime Polynesian Massage” treatment massage

1. Cérémonial de Bienvenue® (Welcome Ritual):
After spraying the Orange Blossom Pluie de Pétales® (Shower of Flower Petals) beauty water, the massage therapist begins by applying light pressure on the neck, head and rest of the body.


2. Back massage:
A hot volcanic stone is applied on key energy points for deep relaxation: coccyx, lower back, solar plexus, hollow of the shoulders, neck.
The volcanic stones release heat gradually, enabling deep muscle relaxation and a draining and detoxifying effect on the whole body.


3. Front body massage:
The body is then massaged with the original Lomi Lomi technique that favours relaxation: first an arm and a hand, then the opposite leg and foot, then the other leg and foot, and finally the opposite arm and hand.


4. Face and neck massage:
The face is covered with a thin towel. The massage therapist uses the flesh of his/her fingers to exert pressure on acupressure points on the face to boost energy circulation (Dermapuncture®). The scalp is then massaged.


5. Back body massage:
The massage continues with stimulation of the micro-meridians in the hands. 
The massage therapist uses his/her hands and forearms to carry out different massage movements on the legs. The legs are also massaged using techniques for stimulating key points that release energy.
The massage ends with a deep back massage.


6. End of massage:
The massage therapist sprays Orange Blossom Pluie de Pétales® (Shower of Flower Petals) beauty spray with beneficial effects on the body and mind, for a gentle awakening.
The tension dissipates, the facial features are relaxed and the complexion is refreshed and radiant once again.


 Cinq Mondes




Sublime Polynesian Massage

SPA Cinq Mondes - Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort 
Duration: 50 min. / 80 min.

Price:  €115 / €155