• A destination that is easy to get to

-       By car: Monaco is connected to France and other European countries through the motorway network.

-       By bus: The bus is quick, cheap and easy to take to get to the Principality. 

-       By train: The Monaco-Monte-Carlo train station is connected to many lines and located in the centre of the principality.

-       By boat: Travel to the principality by sea and discover the magnificent coastal landscapes.

-       By air: By air or by helicopter, the Nice-Côte-d’Azur airport is located 22 kilometres from Monaco.


  • 300 days of sunshine per year

Enjoy a pleasant stay thanks to the mild and temperate Mediterranean microclimate.


  • One of the safest places in the world

Monaco has a highly developed video surveillance system and the highest police per capita rate in the world. Crimes are practically non-existent. The safety and security of individuals and their property are incomparable.


  • Multiple hotels to choose from within the same resort 

- 4 high-end luxury hotels

- 21 casinos

- numerous prestigious restaurants

- facilities dedicated to leisure activities and well-being


  • Image, refinement and service

Internationally renowned for its beauty and luxury, Monaco offers ideal conditions for an unforgettable stay.


  • Consolidated services for organisational simplicity

A panel of exceptional services for a comfortable, worry-free stay.


  • A wide range of leisure activities

You can enjoy a multitude of events and activities in Monaco, a place of enjoyment. Legendary nightclubs for an elegant international crowd, restaurants with world-renowned chefs, and great sports and cultural events for your enjoyment. Don’t forget the casinos, unique in the world, and many facilities for relaxation and well-being to satisfy Monaco’s exceptional clientele.


  • Languages widely spoken in the Principality

English, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German… Monaco is a multilingual principality where you can easily communicate wherever you go.


  • High-tech facilities

An extraordinary combination of art and technology contribute to Monaco’s charm. The rock has infrastructures with cutting-edge technology, including sports, therapeutic and medical facilities.


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