ALTERNA Caviar RepairX at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Natural ageing, repeated chemical treatments, the use of styling tools and harmful external factors all weaken your hair. The Thermes Marins-Monte-Carlo offer you a new treatment range Caviar RepairX d’Alterna to inject new life into your hair.


Alterna_CaviarAlterna was the first brand to introduce caviar onto the haircare market in 1998 to combat the signs of ageing. Its formula, based on luxurious ingredients such as Caviar & Seasilk® to revitalise and nourish damaged or weakened hair, provides a silky finish and maximum shine.

A new range in haircare products

Caviar RepairX visibly reduces the signs of ageing. From the first use of caviar replenishing moisture shampoo & conditioner, 100% of users notice visible improvements on their hair in terms of shine, texture, softness and suppleness. Based on restorative micro-proteins, it is clinically proven that damage is instantly reduced by up to 95%.

Why Caviar?

Not just because it’s luxurious, but also because it is rich in proteins, minerals, lipids and vitamins, it’s a source of Omega 3 and the world’s richest fatty acids. It enhances the natural protection of the hair structure. It nourishes, restructures, regenerates, hydrates and remineralises hair (and skin).

A three-phase hair restructuring treatment

The Caviar RepairX collection is formulated from restructuring proteins which rebalance the natural lipid layer of the cortex of each strand of hair.

- Phase 1: STRENGTHENS and nourishes while filling in gaps in the cortex

- Phase 2: SMOOTHES the surface of the cuticle by forming a protective, defensive screen around each strand which hydrates and strengthens while preventing future damage

- Phase 3: RESTORES the texture of the hair, providing shine and softness 


A treatment range offered at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo
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