Bollito Misto

72€. Drinks extra.

The “Belle Epoque” restaurant at the Hôtel Hermitage,proposes a special buffet lunch “Bollito Misto” on Sundays



- 31 october 2010
- 21 november 2010
- 26 décember 2010
- 2 january 2011
- 6 february 2011
- 13 march 2011


A legendary dish for a prestigious buffet-lunch at the “Belle Epoque” restaurant

This melodious name hides treasures of delicious taste. The “bollito misto” tradition dates back to the winters of yesteryear, when people in the Piedmont region loved to get together with the family around a crackling log-fire.
The carefully selected ingredients for this seasonal occasion are the shank, head, tongue and brain of calves, chuck and shank of beef, further enhanced by a pullet or capon, or even a “zampone”, saveloy, lean bacon and a marrow-bone, all simmered with seasonal vegetables : onions, carrots, celery, turnips and potatoes.


Special attention will be paid to the succulent sauces which accompany the dish : “canaille” with basil, horseradish with vinegar and cream, and “le bagnet”, based on anchovies, hard-boiled eggs and parsley. An appetizing array of garnishes which set off the flavour of the meats wonderfully well…


The greatest care is, however, essential when giving a precise definition of this culinary gem : there are, in fact, as many recipes as there are kitchens !


Joel Garault and his Pastry Chef, Jocelyn Ballat, will also propose an incomparable buffet of desserts.


Lunch at 12.30 p.m.


City attire (jacket and tie obligatory)


Information / Reservation : (377) 98 06 98 98