Borderline, a monumental exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


This is one exhibition that will not go unnoticed: Borderline, coming to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco this summer. The artist Philippe Pasqua will display works that are as subtle as they are colossal on the theme of ocean protection.


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Philippe Pasqua, the art of breaking boundaries

Between science and art, human and animal, terrestrial life and aquatic life, Philippe Pasqua does not compromise: he occupies all these spaces, regardless of boundaries. His creative aesthetic, which comes in size XXL, will infuse the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco for this season: monumental sculptures in stainless steel, bronze or blown glass. The 11 works by Pasqua are challenging, even disturbing, and yet they blend in wonderfully with the museum’s permanent collection. As an example, Narcisse, a work in chromed composite fibres, is an unsettling reflection of a skeleton that has been displayed in the museum for several years.


Eleven works to get the oceans talking

In the Borderline exhibition, the artist develops one of his preferred themes: vanity. The vanity of humans who think they can control nature, is represented by scenes of tormented bodies. Poetic and grandiose, the sculpture Who Should Be Scared displays a metal representation of a giant shark, hanging up like a vulgar hunting trophy. A sculpture on the roof of the Oceanographic Museum will be visible from the seafront near the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Truly immense!


Practical information:

  • Borderline Exhibition, at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
  •  Until 30 September 2017
  •  A ticket to the Oceanographic Museum provides admission to the Borderline exhibition


3 benefits of visiting the Oceanographic Museum

  • The view of the sea from the first floor of the museum
  • The largest collection of curiosities in the world
  • Daily events for children during the holidays