Brazilian raffle at the Casino Café de Paris and Sun Casino


From 18 June to 13 July, maximise your chances of winning the Brazilian Raffle.

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 (Changing dates)

 From 18 June to 13 July inclusive, participate in the Brazilian Raffle and to try and win many prestigious prizes, including a trip for two to Brazil!


All you have to do is play the slot machines at the Casino Café de Paris and/or the Sun Casino which have the Brazilian Raffle colours.



If you win, the machine will stop and the first available supervisor will give you a ‘participation voucher’ that you can trade for a raffle ticket!




Double your chances of winning!


A jackpot of at least €1500 won during the operation on any slot machine in either casino will earn you 2 Brazilian Raffle tickets.



T. (337) 98 06 23 00