CharlElie Couture in concert in Monaco | Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo


For his new album ImMortel to be released on 15 September 2014, CharlElie Couture will be performing on stage at the Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo on 4 October 2014.

CharlElie Couture Concert Monaco

CharlElie has been living in New York for eleven years. The album title “ImMortel” means “Immortal” in French but can also be interpreted as “I’m Mortel”, or “I’m Mortal”. To further express this basic ambivalence, CharlElie has opted for producer Benjamin Biolay.


A nuanced and playful work of art


The CharlElie-Biolay duo is a paradoxical one, characterised by whim, rigour, depth and intuition. This is the CharlElie we know and love – like aged wine, touched by life’s journey, melancholy and the bitterness of famous cafés – combined with the childlike joy of meeting someone new or changed. And Biolay is the artisan who skilfully assembled all the pieces. The result is a nuanced and playful work of art.


An event not to be missed

The lava is still burning underneath, but its warmth is gentle. Tranquil yet touching, ImMortel is a gift that CharlElie shares with his public, an album that you will appreciate for its artistic sincerity.


Don’t miss CharlElie Couture in concert at Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo on 4 October 2014!



CharlElie Couture (vocals, piano, guitar)

Karim Attoumane (guitar)

Emmanuel Trouvé (keyboards)

Denis Benarrosh (drums)

Bobby Jocky (bass)


CharlElie Couture at Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo

Doors open: 20.00

Show starts: 20.30


Price: €45



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