Eye Contour Ointment at the SPA Cinq Mondes


Although we constantly use our eyes, they are very sensitive and fragile. In order to give your eyes a boost of youthfulness and radiance, the SPA Cinq Mondes has developed a new eye ointment containing 7 Chinese herbs and a Taoist facial massage.

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The skin around the eyes is only 0.4 mm thick, compared to 1 mm for the rest of the face. That is why this area requires specific skin care.  

For this reason, the Laboratoires Cinq Mondes have developed a skin care product that smoothes the eye contours and visibly reduces under eye puffiness and circles. 

This ointment brings together seven Chinese herbs recognised for their antioxidant properties: Sophora Japonica, ginseng, organic Chinese angelica, organic lotus flower, bergamot, jasmine and organic sesame oil. 


Taoist Rejuvenation and Radiance Facial Massage 


This product used in the facial massage at SPA Cinq Mondes combines product innovation and practitioners’ know-how for maximum effectiveness. 


The 80-minute anti-wrinkle facial massage is inspired by ancestral massage techniques from Chinese materia medica and needleless acupuncture.

You will enjoy the benefits of facial muscle stimulation and manual massage therapies that tone your face muscles.


This treatment doesn’t just relax you; it also relaxes your facial features and rids your face of the signs of time.



Call the SPA Cinq Mondes at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort today and find out more about the Taoist Rejuvenation and Radiance Facial Massage.



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