Grace, a symbol of change


 This exceptional three-day event will be the opportunity to recognize Princess Grace’s inspiring legacy in the three main roles of her life and celebrate her exemplary contribution to enduring change. 

Grace, symbol of change

 As a princess, she sparked a real economic, social, and cultural boom in Monaco.  As an actress, she set the standard for style with her signature blend of glamour, elegance and sophistication and helped shape fashion history.  As a woman, her personality remains a source of inspiration for all women who believe in their dreams and act upon them.


The programme will start on the Friday evening with a gala dinner in the Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris, followed by “Dress to Change the World”, a fashion show by American designer Jeff Garner with live music performed by Robin Lemesurier.


Saturday will be dedicated to the actress with a mini-movie festival hosted by Women Make Movies and the evening screening of the classic movie “To Catch A Thief” attended by Paramount Studios, celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. 


Elegance takes centre stage on Sunday at the Deck of the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel with the very first edition of the Ladies & The City International Hat Contest presided by Jimmy Choo


Early booking is recommended for this limited and exclusive non-profit event.


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