Harvesting grapes at the temporary vineyard at the Place du Casino


The carefully planned grape harvest was done manually this very morning, Tuesday 10 September.


Directors of the grape harvest group

For the first time in its history, a team of grape pickers made up of Monte-Carlo SBM wine merchants and gardeners were at the Place du Casino at dawn, harvesting the grapes that would be used to prepare the first Monegasque wine. The grapes were rigorously selected among the vines of the temporary vineyard designed by Jean Mus and occupying a small parcel of land measuring less than 1000 m² on the legendary Place du Casino overlooking the Mediterranean.


Respect for pure tradition and the desire to “reflect the spirit of Bordeaux vineyards handled according to local practices” characterised the 250 vines laid out in the shape of a star. Several grape varieties were represented in the “150-year Hill” such as Black Hamburg, black Cardinal, Gamay noir, black Muscat Bleu, white Fanny, white Chasselas de Fontainebleau and Golden Chasselas.



SBM gardeners

The stages in the life of the vineyard have been celebrated over the past four months right up until the harvest (suckering, tying, ecological phytosanitary treatments etc.). Thus the vines are transferred to the Bordeaux mixture, a traditional mixture of copper sulphate and lime, to protect against disease in a natural, organic way. Rose bushes have also been planted at the end of 18 rows, as is the custom in Bordeaux vineyards.


This morning, the perfectly ripe bunches of grapes were transported in small baskets to the cellars of Château Crémat in Bellet to start the wine-making process (direct pressing for the whites as well as crushing, destemming and vatting for the reds). It is by being particularly careful that any crushing of the grapes could be avoided to protect every bunch of grapes, ensuring the harvest of perfectly healthy grapes. For Jean Mus, the result of this grape harvest is undoubtedly spectacular: “The Place du Casino ambiance will be characterised by the same abundance and richness found in the grapes, and luck will be as bountiful as the harvest! Around 300 kg of red and white grapes were harvested just this morning to make 300 bottles (150 white and 150 red). 


To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Monte-Carlo SBM is offering, for 150 days in almost 20 of its establishments, a selection of 150 Bordeaux grands crus by the glass.


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