Jackpots at the Casino Café de Paris!


At the Casino Café de Paris, luck comes in twos! 


On 2 August, 2 lucky winners won exceptional jackpots totalling €373,674.99 and €272,240.00!


These jackpots were won on a Harley Davidson machine and an Alien Versus Predator, where minimum bets are 20 and 80 cents, respectively!


Luck abounds in the magical and legendary Casino Café de Paris. Two winners got very lucky that particular day, with jackpots totalling over half a million euros together.


Last year, Casino Café de Paris distributed a total of 119 million euros in jackpots!


Open 24/7, with record wins, daily events, DJs and dancers at the weekend, a smoking terrace an a wide selection of machines for your enjoyment, the Casino Café de Paris is the go-to spot for unexpected thrills and unforgettable moments.