It’s still St. Patrick’s Day at the Blue Gin with Johnny Gallagher


On 18 March from 7:30pm, the Blue Gin will welcome Irish musician Johnny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band for an extended St Patrick’s Day celebration.


It’s still St. Patrick’s Day at the Blue Gin 

At the Blue Gin bar in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, we are celebrating St Patrick’s Day through Saturday night.

The bar will be decked out in green finery and shamrocks for the occasion, ready to welcome lovers of all things Irish in Monaco for a fabulous party! 

On Saturday, 18 March, we will respect this time-honoured tradition and pay tribute to the Patron Saint of Ireland!

Take a musical journey to the Emerald Isle with these true Irish artists. We are thrilled that Johnny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band will be playing at the Blue Gin for the very first time! 


Johnny Gallagher & the Boxtie Band

On Saturday, 18 March from 7:30pm, famous Irish rocker Johnny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band will keep spirits high with soft and fast tunes that are sure to please the crowd. 

London Magazine has described their music as “a magical fusion of country, jazz, blues, roadhouse and rock ’n’ roll”.


The popular and talented band have a wide repertoire of original songs and covers from great classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Hendrix and more. 

With their explosive rock tunes and soothing melodies, the acoustic quartet will be flooding the Blue Gin with their incredible charisma and boundless energy! 

Information and reservations: +377.