Laurence Jenkell Sculpture Exhibition in Monaco


Laurence Jenkell will host an exhibition on 8 July to 19 August 2013 at Square Beaumarchais and Sporting Monte-Carlo.


Laurence Jenkell lives and works in Vallauris in France’s Alpes-Maritimes department. Self-taught, artist Laurence Jenkell has been producing her

Sculpture Bonbon

candy sculpture creations since the middle of the 1990s.

This self-taught artist’s creative research has progressively led her to experiment with various techniques such as inclusions, dripping and moulding.

Passionate about working with materials, she has managed to acquire a broad knowledge and skilful mastery in this area by constantly unveiling more and more original works.

Laurence Jenkell decided to work on something she holds close to her heart: candy sculptures! By using Plexiglas as a raw material and the “wrapping” technique (rolling and twisting the material), she reveals majestic sculptures. 


To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of Société des Bains de Mer, Laurence Jenkell has produced a customised candy sculpture in the event’s signature colours.


You can discover all of Laurence Jenkell’s unique works from 8 July to 19 August 2013:


- Square Beaumarchais Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo (2 m Summer Time candy in Plexiglas and 2.30 m Bronze candy in green patina).

- Sporting Monte-Carlo Hall: 2.30 m Liquorice Chromo candy (Plexiglas)

- Sporting Monte-Carlo Entrance: White 2.20 m 150-year SBM commemorative candy.


Don’t think twice about coming to admire these unique creations!