Marcel Ravin vs Jérémy Toulalan


When a starred chef meets a football captain, the kitchen is transformed into a playing field! 


For one afternoon, Jérémy Toulalan traded in his red and white strip for Marcel Ravin‘s apron. The AS Monaco player did not let the side down when tackling the stoves! 

The first half was dedicated to preparing lobster bao buns with Espelette pepper, then they headed back onto the field for making some lamb chops stuffed with barbajuan herbs. 



When the Chef coaches the Captain…

Right from kick-off, the two men handled their preparations with great intensity. First the lobster stuffing, then the bisque… Chef Ravin really heated up the atmosphere with these signature flavours which add a kick to the cuisine of his signature restaurant Blue Bay!

A perfectly mastered sequence is displayed when Marcel Ravin and Jérémy Toulalan attack the lamb chops and chop up the different herbs which go into the barbajuan, a type of fried ravioli which is a speciality of the Principality. 

Spinach, chard leaves, marjoram, Jerusalem artichokes…so many products are made to shine through these culinary delights! 


The Captain promises a return match! 

This is what we call a successful debut for the number 10 who held it together until the end and proved his determination!   

So, the starred chef was the man of the match on that day, but what will happen at the meeting scheduled at the La Turbie training centre, where the Captain is already promising Marcel Ravin end-to-end action?!