Marcel Ravin vs Stanislas Wawrinka



As he ties his apron around his waist and adjusts his chef’s coat in the Blue Bay kitchen, Marcel Ravin warms up as he awaits the day’s guest star. After Nico Rosberg, Jérémy Toulalan, and Romain Grosjean, which new athlete will the Michelin-star chef be facing in a cook-off? Currently ranking no. 4 in the world, hailing from Switzerland, voted Athlete of the Year in 2015, a tennis player with a backhand on fire… You’ve guessed it, it’s Stanislas Wawrinka!


Stan Wawrinka puts on an apron 

As soon as he arrives, Stan seems at ease in this ‘court’ with stainless steel walls. While Marcel announces the day’s recipe, it’s easy to see the athlete is more than ready for a gourmet duel! It turns out he is keen on gourmet cuisine and prefers savoury to sweet dishes. This promises to be an exciting match! 

Risotto with asparagus and a maracudja emulsion: the Michelin-star chef opens the set by pointing out that the risotto recipe contains avocado. So no animal fat: just vegetable. Stan Wawrinka agrees. 


First serve 

And we’re off for an intense half hour. Wawrinka, Ravin… Ravin, Wawrinka… The eyes need to move back and forth at a mad pace just to keep up with the chef. 

The vegetables are cut for the bouillon, then the tennis player begins peeling the asparagus while Ravin starts cooking the risotto. 

Ravin seems surprised when chef-for-a-day Wawrinka takes the lead with confidence and interest! With one skilful right hand move, Stan deftly takes over cooking the rice. Dismissing him, Ravin decides to add his secret weapon to the risotto: avocado. Both chefs seem satisfied with their performance at this point in the game. The score promises to be excellent!


Break point

It’s time to change ends, and the twosome strategically positions itself for plating. What teamwork, and no net!

While Stan plates the risotto, Marcel offers up a nice stroke with a multitude of aromatic herbs. A few shoots and flowers, which the delighted tennis player selects with great care, add an unexpected finishing touch to the dish.  

After all the hard work, the two men are ready to taste their victory. 

A word for the 4th world championships: “Excellent”!

Acting judge and General Manager of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Frédéric Darnet, heartily confirms! 

Ravin’s smile before this public of journalists who have come to cover the event is understandable and justified.

The Martiniquan chef has beaten yet another world-class athlete!