New from Spa Cinq Mondes at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort


Come discover Banho, the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing, with Eau du Brésil, the new and refreshing scented body mist from Cinq Mondes


For a fresh and invigorating sensory experience, try a scented body mist from Cinq Mondes. Each body spray has an original aroma profile composed in collaboration with a renowned perfumer, ensuring an original sensory journey. Spray it daily on the body, hair or pillow and enjoy the soothing benefits and well-being.


Eau du Brésil was inspired by a new World Beauty Ritual, Banho, or the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing. In addition to cleansing the body, this ritual was a way to commune with the power of water and to rid the body of all physical and mental stress.

Twelve years after the olfactory success of Eau Egyptienne, perfumer Olivia Giacobetti composed the notes of the new ritual Banho and the refreshing and revitalising Eau du Brésil.


To recreate the freshness of this ritual, Olivia Giacobetti combined fresh lime pulp and whitewood with some sweet coconut water. Sweet and refreshing like an outdoor shower, Eau de Brésil is both natural and exotic.


Eau du Brésil – Ritual from Bahia, Brazil
Fresh Scented Body Mist
49 euros – 100 ml


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