New expert face assessment at SPA Cinq Mondes


SPA Cinq Mondes is innovating and reinforcing its face treatment expertise. At the heart of this innovation is a high-performance interactive mobile tablet used in treatment rooms to carry out the new Expert Face Assessment. 

New expert face assessment at SPA Cinq Mondes

A tool for discovering or rediscovering Cinq Mondes

Customers can use the fun and interactive mobile tablet in the reception area of each spa as a precision tool or to discover or rediscover the various products and services that Cinq Mondes has to offer. 


Learn more about traditional medicinal and beauty treatments and the Cinq Mondes brand image and offerings. 


With this tool, you can not only learn more about the spa, but you can also carry out a quick on-site assessment, which, by analysing your wishes and needs, will help better guide you to the products and treatments specifically suited for you.  

A unique and effective assessment in 5 key steps

  • Step 1: A precise lifestyle questionnaire will help shed light on your environment and other factors affecting your skin. 
  • Step 2:  Using photographs and specially developed sensors, we analyse the following 8 criteria: 

. Hydration
. Sebum
. Pores
. Redness
. Tone
. Wrinkles
. Even complexion
. Dark spots

  • Step 3: Using this information, we draw up a precise assessment with calculations, which we then present to you in detail. 

  • Step 4: The expert tool offers optimum recommendations on products and beauty treatments suited to your skin, offering both short-term (personalising salon treatments) and long-term benefits (drawing up a complete beauty routine to improve your skin). Personalised lifestyle recommendations are also given, including suggestions on what you can do to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. 

  • Step 5: Finally, this connected tool can be used to send results and recommendations directly by email to the person concerned, ensuring that they have all necessary information on the skin’s type and condition to maximise implementation of recommendations at home. 

Expert Face Assessment – 20 minutes 


Information / Reservations:

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