Radiance Pure Gold Treatment by La Prairie at the Monte-Carlo Beach Spa


Discover the Radiance Pure Gold by La Prairie at the Monte-Carlo Beach Spa, a subtle 24-carat brilliance for skin that glows with light and life!

soin radiance or purYouth is radiant, shining and glowing with inner light. But time takes its toll on this radiance. Scientists at La Prairie have anticipated these changes and created a beauty technology so unique, it’s as if they have bottled pure light. To help restore the radiance and glow of youthful, supple skin, the Radiance Collection magnifies the skin’s natural reflective properties.

The pure gold drops of the Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold visibly illuminate and stimulate the skin. Gentle warmth and masks favour the penetration of this precious serum. Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask, Massage Oil and Cellular Concentrate are placed on a warm towel before application to the face. This improves the penetration of Pure Gold for optimal results whilst soothing your skin. The subtle 24-carat radiance wraps your skin with a brilliance that glows with light and life.

For healthy, cleansed and deeply invigorated skin, cleansing water followed by milk and toning lotion will be applied to your face. Your skin will look beautiful with no trace of stress!

Radiance products combine quartz, liquid crystals, reflective pigments and gold colloidal water with an exclusive La Prairie Cellular Concentrate to reinforce the skin’s capacity to appear youthful. The skin seems to be filled with life and glows with an inner light… It’s as if your skin had rediscovered the secret to youthfulness


La Prairie Radiance Pure Gold Treatment - 90 minutes

Price: €230


Monte-Carlo Beach Spa

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