Sculpt and Slim: Two Ivo Pitanguy body care treatments at the Monte-Carlo Beach Spa


Come discover the “Sculpt & Slim” body care treatment by Ivo Pitanguy at the Monte-Carlo Beach Spa, the perfect solution for recovering a beautifully reshaped figure. The treatment’s effective techniques help regenerate the skin, reshaping and refining the body.

Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1963 by the man known today as the father of plastic surgery, La Clinica Ivo Pitanguy is the worldwide reference for plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Responding to requests from patients, Gisela Pitanguy, Professor Ivo Pitanguy’s daughter, developed the first cosmetics products, which were initially custom-made and only available at the ‘Clinica’. The overwhelming demand that followed led to the creation of the brand BEAUTY by CLINICA IVO PITANGUY:

- The main active ingredients originate from the field of biotechnology for targeted effectiveness
- Selected natural ingredients
- The aromatherapy optimises the effectiveness of every treatment, soothing the mind and invigorating the skin
- Smooth, silky, creamy textures
- Results that are instantly visible and long-lasting


Sculpt and Slim par Ivo Pitanguy - SPA du Monte-Carlo Beach The “SCULPT & SLIM BODY TREATMENT” in four steps

1. Preparation of the skin through whole-body exfoliation with the Exfoliating Gel
Thanks to the jojoba, black sand and shell powder exfoliation, every part of the body is exfoliated, the skin is rid of impurities and toxins, and it’s ready to receive suitable treatments.

2. Deep-skin treatment with the Energising Absolute Formula Concentrate
After applying the Concentrate with light, smooth strokes, the skin should be covered in gauze soaked in Toning Lotion. This step reinforces the skin barrier and revitalises the epidermis.
Whilst waiting for the active ingredients to be absorbed, the beauty therapist can carry out a relaxing massage on the scalp and then the hands with the Hands Beauty Formula.


3. Reinforcing skin tone by reshaping and boosting the subcutaneous areas with the Remodelling Formula
This precise, essential step consists of massaging, applying pressure, folding and rolling, and smoothing the whole body, for a moment of pure relaxation.

4. Radiant results
The beauty therapist finishes by applying a cream suited to your needs and depending on the areas of concern: Revitalising Balm, Firming Cream, Beauty Gel for Legs, Lifting Bust Cream and Hand Beauty Cream.



“Sculpt & Slim” by Ivo Pitanguy
Duration: 90′
Price: €180



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