The Bay Be Green Team and Marcel Ravin cook for 200 poor people


Joining the initiative of the association Solidarpole, the Bay Be Green team helped Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin provide food to 200 poor people at the Fourneau Economique in Nice. 


Together, we are stronger 


When Fabio Vitale, President of the association Solidarpole, asked the Michelin-star chef to cook a meal for people in need, Marcel Ravin immediately thought of the Bay Be Green team. This team, in addition to always being ready to lend a hand, is in charge of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s environmental and social policy. The resort is certified Green Globe since 2014. 

It was an ideal assignment for the small 10-member team who had traded in suits and dinner jackets for aprons and caps


A full day 

6:15am: The team met up on the hotel’s delivery platform and loaded the merchandise – bread, drinks, gnocchi, etc. – all the necessary ingredients to prepare the meal designed by the Michelin-star chef. 

At around 7:30am, the work began in the kitchens of the Fourneau Economique. After meeting the 4 Solidarpole volunteers, the entire team gathered to listen carefully to the chef’s precise instructions on preparations. But the atmosphere in this kitchen was far from normal, as there were many bursts of laughter and lots of chatting and teasing going on. Helping each other, love and solidarity were definitely in the air, and all notions of hierarchy gave way to the gift of giving and sharing. On that day, Deputy Director General, Head of Security, Personal Assistant, Head of Housekeeping and other titles were temporarily forgotten as everyone came together to help those in need. 


It was all worth it  

11:45am: Chef Marcel Ravin announced, “Everyone to your work stations! Get ready to open the doors!” 

The temporary kitchen brigade got to work, warmly welcoming the first guests as they sat down to enjoy the flavourful meal. The women served fish tartare, chicken with mushroom sauce, gnocchi and apple crumble, whilst the men served squash soup, bread and drinks. 

In one hour, 171 meals were served. The cooks for the day were moved by the smiles, compliments and warm atmosphere in the dining room. The experience brought the team closer together, strengthening the bond with their chef, Marcel Ravin. Together they managed to provide an enjoyable moment to almost 200 women and men. 





We’ll be back! 


2pm: The event was over, and everybody gave warm thanks to Sister Anne-Marie, Director of Fourneau Economique, which looks after the place and people to which she admits she has become quite attached. 

It was an emotion-filled day that came to an end, paving the way to new projects, but a promise was made that the Fourneau Economique would see this team of volunteers again, for another important life lesson…