Frequently asked questions

What official documents are necessary for a trip to the Principality ?

Anyone wanting to enter the Principality (for a stay of under 3 months) must have the documents required when entering France, ie. : passport, travel documents and national identity card. For citizens of the European Union, a valid passport or national identity card are sufficient. Visitors are advised to consult the authorities  in Monaco regarding stays lasting over 3 months.


What is the official language in the Principality ?

The Principality’s official language is French, though most of its inhabitants also speak Italian and English. The Monégasque language is taught in schools.


What is the official currency in the Principality?

Since February 17th 2002, the French franc has been definitively withdrawn from circulation and the Euro is the Principality’s official currency.


What is the age of majority in the Principality?

One has to be 18 years old to be considered as having attained one’s majority in the Principality.


How many people live in the Principality?

At> the last census taken in January 2000, the total population was 32,000 inhabitants, with the most widely represented nationalities being French (32%), Italian (20%) and Monégasque (19%).


What is the extent of the Principality?

The Principality covers an area of approximately  2 sq. km which is about  487.5 acres of land, 20% of which has been reclaimed from the sea.


How does one get to the Principality ?

You will find this information by clicking on the following link : Transports.


How does one get around in the Principality?

As the Principality’s surface area is relatively small, it is very easy to get around. Visitors wanting to explore all the sites can do so on foot, using numerous elevators which link the various parts of the town : Monte-Carlo, La Condamine, Fontvieille and Monaco-Ville (Rock of Monaco). You can also get around by bus and car.


Where can one park in the Principality ?

The Principality has several underground car-parks, so parking is relatively easy. All the hotels run by the Société des Bains de Mer also have car-parks for their clients.


Is the Principality of Monaco a safe place to visit ?

Monaco’s Government  makes it a point of honor to provide and maintain an atmosphere of security within its boundaries. Many security agents present in the Principality’s various neighbourhoods and at its frontiers see that serenity and tranquillity are preserved.


Can one make tax-free purchases in the Principality ?

Yes, though they are uniquely reserved for people who are not citizens of the European Union.


How old must one be to enter the Casino ?

As the age of majority has been lowered from 21 to 18 in the Principality, admission to the gaming rooms is now authorised for people over 18 years old. A passport or identity card must be shown at the entrance.


Are there any particular conditions regarding attire for visiting the Casino ?

Corect attire is mandatory and it is obligatory to wear a jacket and tie in the evening for the Private Gaming Rooms (“Salons Privés”).