The Monte-Carlo SBM’s Environmental Charter


The Monte-Carlo SBM adopts a new charter for environmental protection

In keeping with the Principality of Monaco’s policy instigated by HSH Prince Albert II, the Monte-Carlo SBM’s resolutely determined goal will be, from now on, to be guided in the Group’s development by an ongoing willingness to respect and preserve natural resources. Thus, as part of its activities, and given its importance in Monaco, it will contribute to environmental protection within the Principality and, beyond that, to the future of the planet.

Convinced that at the beginning of the 21st century, trust in a company is not limited to its economic profitability, one must also take into consideration its commitment to general interest goals supporting sustainable development. The resort has set up an action plan aiming to satisfy international goals in environmental matters and to encourage eco-friendly conduct not only for its economic partners but also for its own staff.

This plan, the implementation of which will be supervised continuously and subjected to an annual evaluation, features – at the time of writing – 23 measures (see attached) which will ensure adherence to the goal of respecting and improving the environment. The measures are in the following categories:

  • Making staff aware of the need to respect the environment and its demands.
  • Implementing a plan to reduce energy consumption.
  • Controlling water consumption.
  • Organising the collection, recycling and treatment of waste.
  • Encouraging the use of new environment-friendly energies, namely the non-production of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Encouraging the use of organic produce and natural products in green areas.
  • Encouraging the use of recycled paper and eco-friendly products.
  • Encouraging the use of Fair Trade networks, notably for textile and food purchases.
  • Sending a charter to all suppliers who meet the Group’s environmental and ethical requirements.
  • Making clients aware of the environmental protection policy being set up by the Group and to making its measures part of their own behaviour.

Drawn up for a period of five years, the S.B.M. Environmental Charter aims to start progressively so to lead to new construction sites based on acquired experience and the perspectives which will open up allowing the strengthening of environmental protection. From now on, as indicated on the attached list, the implementing of most of these measures is guaranteed, and this will generate new developments with deadlines well within the five-year period stipulated by the Charter.

Generally speaking, this action should go beyond the limits of its own technical domain to stimulate the state of mind and behaviour of all staff concerned, implementing a global sustainable development policy, to be taken into consideration when dealing with economical and social problems within the Société des Bains de Mer.


List of the 23 measures on the SBM Environmental Charter




  • 1 : Make staff aware of the environment.



  • 2 : Implement a plan to control energy consumption.
  • 3 : Strengthen our energy production policy whilst respecting the environment.



  • 4 : Implement a plan to control water consumption.



  • 5 : Collect cooking oils.
  • 6  : Collect food fats.
    7 : Recycle grey water.



  •  8 : Recycle office paper.
  •  9 : Recycle glass.
  •  10 : Collect and recycle batteries (clients’ and in-house).
  • 11 : Recycle electrical and electronic equipment.
  • 12 : Recycle ink cartridges.
  • 13 : Treat neon-compact tubes and bulbs.
  • 14 : Collect toxic waste.



  • 15 : Establish carbon credits in order to identify areas of progress.
  • 16 : Get rid of installations containing Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
    17 : Support vehicles using new energies.



  • 18 : Réduire l’utilisation d’insecticides, herbicides et fongicides pour l’entretien des espaces verts.



  • 19 Use ecologically recycled paper.
  • 20 Use “eco-friendly” products.
  • 21 Use Fair Trade networks for textile and food purchases



  •  22 : Carry out tests on new materials and concepts at construction and renovation sites.



  • 23 : Implement an ethical charter for suppliers. 


 * : Action already in use or about to be implemented.