Our Michelin-starred and world-renowned Chefs


All of the chefs in our restaurants, whether Michelin-starred or world-renowned, share the same love of the land, respect for produce and the desire to achieve excellence, prestige, creativity and flair, while nurturing the differences they all enjoy as a result of the unique paths each chose to follow. An incredible breadth of diversity that our top chefs aim to illustrate on a daily basis throughout the different restaurants in our establishments.

A taste for difference

From local talent that grew up amidst the tastes and smells of the Mediterranean to ambassadors of France’s many regions or exotic far-flung lands, from the Alps to the beaches, all of our chefs pour heart, soul and talent into Monaco’s top fine-dining gems. At the height of their talents, they meet the needs and requirements of an increasingly demanding clientele. In a bid to continuously impress and amaze, they hone their inventiveness, feed their knowledge and expand their culinary repertoires to encompass new ideas and flavors from Monaco and beyond. From the ‘haute couture’ cuisine at the Louis XV-Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, to the Vistamar’s fuss-free, understated dishes at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, via the original 100% organic offerings at  the Elsa at the Monte-Carlo Beach, or the delicate aromas served up at the Blue Bay in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort: Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has appropriated this incredible culinary diversity, making it our own and showcasing, through our Michelin-starred chefs, as many facets to the art of dining as there are aspects to the pleasure of life in the Principality of Monaco.

Patrick Laine

Patrick Laine


Patrick Laine supervises the kitchens of Le Grill, which specialises in the grilled dishes that the restaurant is so famous for.