Possessing boundless talent and creativity, Chef Paolo Sari is the mastermind behind the sustainable gourmet local cuisine at the Monte-Carlo Beach and the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo

Paolo SariFrom the boot of Italy to Rock of Monaco… Chef Paolo Sari was born in Treviso, Italy. After initial training as a chef in his native Italy, he went where his talent took him, first to the UK and then to the US. The chef finally settled down in Monaco in 2012, reworking and redefining the gastronomic concept of the Monte-Carlo Beach.


Chef Sari and his love for all things organic… In charge of all the restaurants at the Monte-Carlo Beach (Elsa, Le Deck, La Vigie, the Pizzeria and in the 300 cabanas and solariums at the Club), Paolo Sari has one firm rule: 100% organic cuisine, including the pepper and the white and rosé champagne.

A healthy mind in a healthy body” is the mantra that guides Paolo Sari’s daily culinary practices, starting with the rigorous selection of food products, fruits, vegetables and herbs supplied by farmers from neighbouring villages such as Saint-Jeannet.


His respect for nature was to be rewarded, as Elsa was the first gastronomic restaurant to be certified “Bio”, or organic, by the certifying body Ecocert.  



“I wanted to change our approach to purchasing food”, explains Paolo Sari, eating Pantelleria capers while standing facing the great blue sea. ”I wanted to know where the deliveries came from, the meat from the abattoir, where the squid were caught, the provenance of the sage, grey shallots and green garlic.  True cuisine is transparent and constant.”


Thanks to this demanding chef, gourmet food and healthy cuisine are now one and the same in the twenty dishes on his menu, an amazing achievement. Providing the happy guests of the Monte-Carlo Beach with nourishment that is “an ode to the Mediterranean” requires a strong work ethic as a Riviera chef and purveyor of happiness.


A new adventure at the Café de Paris… In 2018, Chef Sari extended his culinary palette at the Société des Bains de Mer when, in addition to the restaurants of the Monte-Carlo Beach, he took over the legendary Café de Paris Monte-Carlo. He reworked the concept and the menu to showcase fresh and locally grown products. For example, he set up a menu of the day so that customers could enjoy fish caught that same morning for lunch. Every dish served at the Café de Paris embodies this ode to the Mediterranean that is so dear to Paolo Sari. At the Café de Paris, this philosophy translates into delicious brasserie fare.


There is no doubt that Paolo Sari has not finished winning customers over at the Monte-Carlo Beach and at the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo with his sustainable approach and immense creativity, his extraordinary talent deftly combining the best that tradition and modernity have to offer.



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