Thierry Saez-Manzanares


Since 2011, Thierry Saez-Manzanares has been working as Head Chef at the restaurant Le Salon Rose at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Thierry Saez-ManzanaresOriginally from Blausasc, Saez-Manzanares graduated from the hotel school in Menton in 1984. He first worked as an apprentice at La Réserve de Beaulieu under Gilbert Picard (Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1979) for 3 years. 


In 1987, he met Chef Edmond Putetto (who ran the restaurants at the Casino Monte-Carlo and the Sporting d’été at the time), and joined the kitchen staff at the restaurant Le Train Bleu when it opened in late 1988. 

He had different jobs in the kitchen and gained experience under chefs Jean Fajeau (Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1991), Robert Gamba and Yannick Prunier, who transmitted the necessary expertise for success in this field.


Saez-Manzanares loves simple cuisine: soups and stews, quick recipes, and Italian pasta dishes and risottos. Inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, Saez-Manzanares offers fragrant and colourful southern cooking using local products.