Burrata tamago and red mullet fillets


Marcel Ravin, Chef at the Blue Bay at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort, presents one of his summer recipes.

Rockfish by Marcel RavinBurrata tamago and red mullet fillets

Marcel Ravin – The Blue Bay



Servings: 4



- 1 piece of Burrata 125 g
- 3 egg whites
- Sake
- Rice vinegar
- 4 deboned red mullet fillets (100 to 110 g)
- Olive oil
- 60 g crushed taggiasca olives
- Basil
- 1 lime

- 100 g peas boiled in water with salt

- 4 Gariguette strawberries
- 3 small raspberries
- 10 blackcurrant (or a few wild strawberries)
- 1 bunch of redcurrant
- 6 cherries
- Barolo white vinegar
– Mignonette or freshly ground pepper

- 6 fennel shavings
- 8 radish shavings
- Balsamic vinegar




Buratta omelette (tamagoyaki)
Separate 3 eggs. Keep the whites.
Mix (emulsify) the burrata with the egg whites, sake and rice vinegar. Put aside.
Cook the egg white omelette in a layer no thicker than a crepe in a non-stick pan.
Tip: If the omelette sticks, add a whole egg and 2 tablespoons of crème fraiche to the mix and coat the pan with salted butter and a drizzle of olive oil.
Slide the omelette onto a sheet of baking paper.


Red fruit and pea vinaigrette
Mix in a bowl: 5 or 6 redcurrant, a strawberry cut in 4, 1 or 2 cherries, 1 or 2 raspberries, 3 black grapes and a few wild strawberries. Add 4 taggiasca olives.
Add the Barolo (or Xérès) vinegar and a generous amount of olive oil.
Season with fleur de sel salt and freshly ground pepper.
Add the peas to the salted boiling water (Cook quickly: 2 minutes maximum).
Place the peas in ice to stop them from cooking further.
Mix the peas with the fruits.
Put aside.
Complete with a pinch of Espelette chilli pepper.


Red mullet fillets (deboned)
Pre-heat the oven to 200°C.
Brush a sheet of baking paper on the tray with a bit of olive oil.
Salt and pepper the baking paper.
Place the red mullet fillets on the olive oil skin side up.
Add some freshly ground pepper and olive oil to the fish.
Add some lime zest and squeeze a bit of lime juice.
Bake for 4/5 minutes at 200°C.


Place 1 fillet of red mullet on the omelette.
Cover with a basil leave and an olive sliced in 2.
Cover with the second fillet of red mullet.
Roll the omelette as you would a Swiss roll.
Even the ends (cut them).

Use a mandolin slicer to slice some fennel and radish. Put aside in ice.



Place the red mullet omelette in the middle of the serving plate.
Add the fruits and vinaigrette.
Add the fennel and radish shavings.
Add the finishing touches: some chives, 2 borage flowers, basil and a few fine drops of balsamic vinegar.


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