Fillet of sole lacquered with citrus fruit


Marcel Ravin, Chef at Le Blue Bay, is happy to present this creative recipe inspired by his French Caribbean background. 

Sole by Marcel RavinFillet of sole lacquered with citrus fruit, sweet potatoes and cabbage

Marcel Ravin – Le Blue Bay



Servings: 4


Fillet of sole

- 4 soles (600g/800g), filleted

- 250 g white fish

- 250 g liquid cream

- 65 g egg whites

- 5 g salt, pepper and nutmeg


Skin and fillet the soles.

Make a thin stuffing by mixing white fish meat, liquid cream, egg whites, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Spread the stuffing on the fillets. Roll the fillets in baking paper and cook at a low temperature (60°C) for 20 minutes.


Citrus sauce

- 500 g sole heads

- 2 cloves garlic

- 1 sprig thyme

- 6 shallots

- 2 carrots

- 2 stalks celery

- 10 cubeb peppercorns

- 1.5 L veal stock

- 40 cl reduced grapefruit

- 40 cl reduced orange

- 40cl reduced carrot juice

- 10 cl reduced lemon juice

- 30 g sugar


Brown the sole bones and add herbs. Deglaze with reduced juices and add veal stock.

Let simmer 30 minutes.

Strain with a conical strainer and keep warm.


Side dish

Sweet potato log: 

- 400 g sweet potatoes

- 300 g orange juice

- 100 g butter

- 2 pinches of 4-spice mix (pepper, cloves, nutmeg and ginger)


Log stuffing: 

- 200 g cabbage

- 5 cloves garlic



- 1 orange

- 1 grapefruit

- 1 lemon

- 475 g water

- 224 g sugar


Make logs 1 cm in diameter in the sweet potato. Cook in 200 g of orange juice and add 75 g butter and a pinch of 4-spice mix.

Blanc the sweet potato slices in 100 g of water and 100 g of orange juice, a pinch of 4-spice mix and 25 g butter. Strain and reduce the orange juice.

Make a fine purée in the Thermomix, adding the reducing orange juice little by little. When plating, make a sweet potato smear across the plate.


Cook the cabbage leaves in 5 L of heavily salted boiling water with the garlic cloves. Ice the cabbage leaves to fix the chlorophyll. Put three leaves aside for plating. Purée the rest of the cabbage leaves.

Stuff the sweet potato logs with the cabbage purée when plating.


Remove the zest and supremes of an orange, a grapefruit and a lemon.

Put aside the supremes for plating. Blanch the zest 3 times then make comfit in water, sugar and 100 g of the juice of the fruit. Simmer until transparent.

Harmoniously plate a zest shaving and supreme of one citrus fruit per plate. 


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