Red mullet


Paolo Sari, Chef at the restaurant Elsa (1 Michelin star) invites you to discover a wonderful recipe.



Red mullet caught locally, gently roasted in traditional Riviera fashion

Baby broad bean purée and small garden vegetables

Paolo Sari – Elsa





- 2 mullets 150g each

- Parsley

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Fleur de sel and pepper

- Baby broad beans

- Shallots

- Basil

- Borage flowers

- Carrots with tops

- Green beans

- Mini fennel

- Mini radishes

- Red cabbage

- Tromboncino squash




Remove the scales, bones and heads from the fish.

Add salt and pepper and cook in the broiler for 5 minutes.

Prepare the bouquetière of vegetables, blanch and sauté with some oil.

Put some oil in a pot with the chopped shallots. Add the peeled broad beans and stock.

Cook over low heat for five minutes. Mix and add salt and pepper.

Arrange on a plate.