Rock tofu


Eric Guillemaud, Chef at the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, suggests this new recipe inspired by traditional tofu. 

Rock tofuRock tofu

Eric Guillemaud – Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo





- 600 g spicy mayonnaise

- 200 g chilli sauce

- 20 g togarashi


Chilli sauce

- 110 g diced tofu

- 15 g shiitake

- 1 g nori



Cut the tofu into cubes and cut a star shape into the shiitake.


Roll the tofu in potato starch then in a tempura fryer. Fry at 180°C.


Once cooked, add salt to the tofu and julienne the nori into 2 mm pieces.


Serve the tofu and nori in a bowl with shiitake on top along with a cup of spicy mayonnaise. Sprinkle with togarashi. 


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