San Remo king prawns, delicate rockfish jelly and caviar


Dominique Lory, Chef at the restaurant Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris reveals one of his signature dishes.


San Remo king prawns, delicate rockfish jelly and caviar 

Dominique Lory – Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris



Servings: 4


Main ingredients:

 - 600 g king prawns

 - rockfish soup

 - 108 g caviar


Prepare the rockfish soup the day before:


Ingredients for the rockfish soup:

 - 1.4 kg rockfish

 - 1 large white onion

 - 3 sticks dried fennel

 - 425 g fresh tomatoes (around 3 tomatoes)

 - 3 cloves garlic

 - 20 black peppercorns

 - 1.75 litres vegetable stock


In a casserole, sweat but don’t brown the onions with a bit of olive oil, keeping the lid on, then add the dried fennel, garlic and pepper.

Add the diced fresh tomatoes and rockfish. Cook slowly with the lid on without stirring for 5-10 minutes.

Add the stock to the hot vegetable soup, filling the casserole.


When it boils, simmer for 20 minutes and skim. Strain without stirring using a colander then a conical strainer. You should have around 1.2 litres of soup.


Clarify the soup:


Ingredients for clarifying the soup:

 - Rockfish soup prepared previously (around 1.2 litres)

 - 120 g scorpion fish

 - King prawn heads (around 0.125 kg)

 - 40 g fresh fennel

 - 23 g tomato paste

 - 150 g egg whites (around 4 egg whites)

 - 7 saffron stigma

 - 2 locally grown lemons

 - 2 gelatin sheets (around 5 g)


Remove the heads from the king prawns. Keep the tails for the following day.

Using a large spoon, remove all fat and oil from the soup. Using a mixer, mix the scorpion fish, fennel, king prawn heads, egg whites and tomato paste thoroughly.

Pour into the warm soup and boil quickly while stirring. Cook for 20 minutes.

Strain in the conical strainer then in a muslin strainer bag to filter everything completely.

Add the lemon zest and saffron stigma. Add salt and cover the casserole in plastic wrap to allow to infuse for 10 minutes before boiling. Strain with the conical strainer and bring to a boil again.

Add the gelatin (soak in cold water beforehand) and let melt. Pour the mixture into a bowl and keep on ice all night (once cold, the jelly should shake when moved).


Prepare the king prawns the next day:


Using the tip of the knife, devein the king prawn tails and place them in salted boiling water for 10 seconds. Chill in ice water. Peel, cut into big pieces and set aside.


Finally, season the king prawns:


Ingredients for seasoning the king prawns:

 - Peeled king prawns (around 240 g)

 - 1 tablespoon olive oil

 - 1/4 lemon, squeezed

 - 1/4 locally farmed lemon, grated

 - 1 pinch Espelette chilli

 - ¼ teaspoon red onion, finely chopped

 - Fleur de sel


Season the king prawns with olive oil, grated lemon, Espelette chilli, red onion, salt and lemon juice.

Place on ice and set aside.




Plate the king prawns in a circle in the middle of a cold soup plate.

Using a spoon, place the jelly in quenelles around the king prawns. Using a slightly wet melon baller, place 3 scoops of caviar on each plate around the king prawns (12 scoops in all).


Serve very cold.


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