Vegetable ravioli



Paolo SariChef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Elsais very strict about the 100% organic rule for everything that comes in and out of the kitchen. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, in the ravioli.

Vegetable ravioli by Paolo SariVegetable ravioli

Paolo Sari – Elsa



Servings: 4




- 8 baby carrots
- 1 chunk yellow squash
- 4 mini courgettes
- 4 pink radish
- 32 peeled baby broad beans
- ½ Romanesco
- 8 minis asparagus
- 4 mini beets
- 60 g lightly salted churned butter
- 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
- Pepper
- 1 pinch oregano


Spinach filling
- 500 g baby spinach shoots
- 50 g bread crumbs
- ½ bunch oregano
- ½ bunch basil
- Salt and pepper
- 25 g grated Parmesan cheese
- 50 g ricotta
- 2 eggs


Dough (prepare the day before and refrigerate 24 hours before using)
- 500 g flour
- 400 g egg yolk




Vegetables (cook at the same time as the ravioli)
Wash the vegetables by rubbing them gently under running water.
Peel the Romanesco. Put aside a few round pieces.
Cut the squash into half-centimetre sticks.
Cut the broad beans into thin strips.
Save the asparagus tips, the most tender part.
Cut the radishes in half.
Melt some lightly salted butter in a very hot pan and add 4 spoonfuls of the ravioli cooking water.
Sauté the chopped vegetables in the pan.
Add a little salt and pepper and another ladle of ravioli cooking water.
Put aside.


Spinach filling
Blanc the spinach leaves in hot water without salt for no more than 30 seconds.
Chill immediately in ice water.
Squeeze the leaves to remove water.
Finely chop the spinach.
Place in a mixing bowl. Add Parmesan, bread crumbs, ricotta, 1 egg and chopped oregano.
Season and mix.


Ravioli (cook at the same time as the vegetables)
Dust the ravioli dough with flour (prepared or bought in advance).
Spread the dough very thinly into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin.
Cut the dough into two strips.
Dampen the dough with water using a brush.
Place the filling on the dough (spheres of filling evenly spaced).
Fold the dough strip in two so that the filling is completely covered.
Stick the dough together, make the edges even, and cut into ravioli squares.
Using the brush, dampen the edges of the ravioli with water again.
Finish by pinching the two outer edges together in the middle to make oval ravioli. Make sure the joints are tight.
Cook the ravioli in salted boiling water for about 4 minutes.
Finish cooking the ravioli in the vegetable cooking water.


Place the ravioli in the hollow of the serving dish.
Place the vegetables one by one.


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