Las Brisas


Partake in the gourmet experience of a summer lunch between sea and lagoon

Enjoy a pleasant gourmet break at the Monte-Carlo Bay summer restaurant. Las Brisas invites you to a delicious lunch in the sun in a relaxing ambience. And at the helm of this experience and concept of sharing, Chef Marcel Ravin. 


The joy of sharing… Gourmet food that is simple and delicious with an exotic touch, and grilled meats and fresh fish for savouring with your hands and sharing: this is the friendly concept behind the restaurant Las Brisas. From June to September, you can soak up the gorgeous Monaco weather as you lunch in an idyllic and exclusive atmosphere. 


Lunch near the big blue sea… What could be better than a delectable lunch under a parasol at Las Brisas? The warm and welcoming terrace sprawls from the Mediterranean Sea to the Monte-Carlo Bay lagoon. Groups of relaxed guests share the big tables, taking in the ballet-like choreography of the chefs that prepare their tasty grilled meats right before their eyes. 


Festive colours come together in Monaco… Enjoy a simple yet elegant service as summer guests are lulled by the light and relaxed atmosphere. The ambiance combines Caribbean joyfulness with the all-Mediterranean dolce vita.  


Type of cuisine

  • Mediterranean cuisine, various specialities (summer salads, grilled fish, tartares, etc.)
  • Marcel RAVIN
    Originally from the French West Indies, the chef of the restaurant Las Brisas, Marcel Ravin shares his love for creative, dynamic and playful sun-filled cuisine.

Summer brunch


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