An emotive, eco-conscious dining experience at Elsa

Monte-Carlo Festival of Stars
Thursday, 9 September 2021

This year, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is celebrating fine dining with the “Monte-Carlo Festival of Stars”, bringing chefs together and giving them the chance to let their imaginations run free. The venue for the 3rd event in this special series will be Elsa at the Monte-Carlo Beach, with an exacting and eco-conscious all-female duo leading the way: Manon Fleury and Antonia Klugmann.


On Thursday 9 September, Fleury and Klugmann will be bringing diners a four-hands culinary masterpiece, featuring emotive, eco-conscious food that celebrates nature and elevates every ingredient. In addition to their consummate skill, they share the same credo when it comes to cooking, championing local, seasonal, and plant-based food. They use every last bit of their ingredients with vivacity and flair, right down to the seeds, stalks and roots, with this emphasis on nature bringing an exceptional harmony to your dining experience. Add to that a dash of reverie from the stunning Mediterranean surroundings, and there you have it: one fabulously all-encompassing experience! 

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“I will be trying to make Elsa even more zero-waste and environmentally responsible.” Manon Fleury


“I don’t want to be an imitation of anyone. My style is very personal. To me, being rare or unusual is not what makes an ingredient special.” Antonia Klugmann


  • Date: Thursday 9 September
  • Venue: Elsa restaurant, Monte-Carlo Beach
  • Time: From 20:00
  • Price: €350/person, includes wine pairings


About Antonia Klugmann

Klugmann was born in Trieste, and her food pays vibrant homage to her home region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In 2006, at 27 years old, she opened Antico Foledor Conte Lovaria just outside the city of Udine, and in 2010 she embarked on an ambitious project: to build her very own restaurant in the Collio Goriziano region. L’Argine opened 4 years later. Nestled in the Italian countryside, the restaurant has amassed its fair share of accolades: it ranked in Opinionated About Dining’s Top 100 Restaurants in Europe, was awarded “4 cappelli” by Italy’s L’Espresso, and also has a Michelin star to its name. Klugmann serves locally-sourced, nutritious food, with an emphasis on plants and plant-based cuisine inspired by food cultures from around the world. She has appeared on many cooking shows and is a judge on MasterChef Italia (season 7), where she is passionate about sharing her deep respect for the natural world. Purchasing ingredients in small quantities, limiting covers, reducing waste and using produce in its entirety are just some of the ways Klugmann tries to be more eco-conscious whilst still creating delicious and inventive cuisine.  


About Manon Fleury


After graduating in 2012 from prestigious Parisian hotel management school Ferrandi, Fleury worked alongside Alexandre Couillon before heading to Pascal Barbot’s triple-Michelin-starred restaurant. In 2015, she joined Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Back in Paris in 2016, Eric Trochon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), appointed her as sous-chef for his Michelin-starred restaurant Le Semilla. In 2018, she took the reins at Le Mermoz in Paris, delighting critics. Fleury now embodies a new generation of chefs who know they hold the future of gastronomy in their hands, combining haute cuisine, health and respect for living things. For her newest venture at the Monte-Carlo Beach, she has created an eco-friendly, local and organic menu that changes with the seasons.




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