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Split Aces

Split Aces

Come and bet on the Split Aces jackpot at Black Jack .



This additional bet to Black Jack is optional and allows you to win a progressive jackpot with a minimum amount of 5,000 € !

Minimum bet : 1€



How to win? 

Once the bets are settled, the cards are dealt to the players and to the bank according to the standard rules of Black Jack. The Split Aces depends on the first two cards of the player and on the additional card immediately distributed in the case of splitting the aces.


5. As (black) + King (noir)  &  As (red) + King (red) SUITE = 5 000€ minimum

4. As (black) + King (red)  &  As (red) + King (black) = 1 000€ minimum

3. 21 points  &  21 points = 500€ minimum

2. Any As  &  As = 25€

1. The first card is any  As = 2€


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