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Fall in love with Monte-Carlo

I remember cities like other people remember falling in love”. So goes Valery Larbaud’s line of verse in the Poems of A.O. Barnabooth.

This little line of verse opens the door to a new kind of love: a love affair with a place.

Monaco is more than an affair: here, there’s the promise of a relationship full of wonder. It’s the kind of place that awakens desire: the kind where love stories are made.

Beloved spots you hold close, as if they were your own inner sanctum. The fragrance of bitter orange, gardens and the sweeping views of the Mediterranean that leave you awed as you sit in the shade of the palm trees.

As the decades pass, the seasons change, and the sun rises and falls, Monaco loses nothing of its fantasy, and the reality of life here takes nothing from its heady sway.

Monte-Carlo Beach

Its squares will charm you too – from the majesty and history of the Place du Casino, with its views of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the terrace of the Café de Paris, the entrance of the Casino de Monte-Carlo and more, to the subtle beauty of those leading you to streets and delicious flavours that you’d just love to get to know better.

Whether you live here, work here, or are just passing through, there’s a story of true love just waiting to unfold.

Give in to the charm of the Mediterranean’s blue hues, the ochre of the walls, the smell of the olive trees, the pines, the flowers... It’s difficult, too, not to fall for the lilting accents of Provence and the Dolce Vita enjoyed here, inspired by neighbouring Italy.

Monaco has the power to whisk you away into its world.

Eternally elegant, the Principality’s tireless honing of its craft has given it depth, and provided the basis for its excellent reputation over the years. 

We’ll be inviting you to read, watch, and listen to many declarations of love for Monaco. The results of a chemistry, a feeling, sometimes an encounter. For you too can discover Monaco with all the magic of that first meeting – as well as the wonder of what is still yet to come.


Some people’s infatuation with Monaco is so strong, they want to make it home. Some have never been able to bring themselves to leave...


This autumn, and in these uncertain times, Inspiration invites you to take a closer look at what the city and its people have created together, so that these unique and extraordinary love stories may always burn as bright as ever…


Let’s fall in love with Monte-Carlo!

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo - monaco
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