Rencontre avec Rossano Ferretti

Meeting with celebrity hairstylist Rossano Ferretti, inventor of “The Method”

Rossano Ferretti, who left his native Parma village at the age of 15, followed his vision, going against the trends of the time. Today, the owner of 20 Hair Spas throughout the world and inventor of “The Method” has revolutionised the hair industry with talent and passion.

What is your story?

I was born in 1960 in Campegine, a small village of 500 inhabitants close to Parma. My grand-father Renato was a barber and my mother Giliola was a hairdresser. She opened a small hair salon in Campegine in 1962. As a child, I was already passionate about the world of beauty and followed in my family’s footsteps. After a year of hairdressing school and ready for new challenges, I moved to London where I discovered design and fashion. I scoured the planet to find and create my own unique style, driven by my desire to reinvent the hairstyling industry.


You opened the Monaco hair Salon at Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo in 2017. What was your tie to the Principality?

Monaco changed my life! When we planned to open a hair salon in Monaco, I was right in the middle of developing my brand internationally. I was living in London, and was travelling non stop, and I felt the need to get back to my roots, so I decided to move to Monaco. The quality of life and tranquillity Monaco offers are unique. You could say that the Monaco Hair Spa really changed the course of my life

Rencontre avec Rossano Ferretti

And the link between your brand and Monaco?

The Rossano Ferretti brand is the perfect fit for Monaco. It’s not only a hairstyling brand, it’s a luxury lifestyle brand! Monaco is home to the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, in the heart of One Monte-Carlo and Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo where the hair salon is located. It’s a world class hotel. The salon is located in a gorgeous setting, with incredible views of the harbour and the hotel gardens. It was an obvious choice!


What are your favourites spots in Monaco?

I’m a very simple person. I work from home and travel a lot so for me weekends are all about relaxing!

I love cooking and shopping for vegetables at the Place d’Armes market. I go there every Friday and Saturday morning. Vendors offers exceptional, fresh products.

A restaurant that’s a real must for me is The Grill, on the top floor of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. I recommend this restaurant to all my friends! It’s a place where you can fully experience Monaco. The setting is gorgeous, the food is excellent; simple but prepared with high-quality ingredients.

And last, I love taking walks in Monaco and the area. From the Jardin Exotique, to the Place du Casino, towards the Harbour to Fontvielle. And for shopping, Monaco is truly the most exceptional destination. Me, who loves watches and who grew up in fashion, I adore the Monte-Carlo shopping experience.

Rencontre avec Rossano Ferretti

What is the Rossano Ferretti experience?

Above all else, it’s a lifestyle. The most important moment is the consultation as it`s a moment filled with emotions and sensations, where you can build your own personalized beauty. It’s THE moment, the beginning of the customer’s journey at the Rossano Ferretti salon, which can also be done at a private salon on request. It`s also an important moment because it allows you to go over the products used. Many women do not even know which products they use. The Rossano Ferretti products allow them to continue this holistic journey at home.

Then comes the shampoo, which is really more of a massage and perfectly prepares the hair and scalp for highlights or a cut. The Rossano Ferretti cut and colour have made me famous. It’s something unique you can only get at my salons. Our team is trained in house in “The Method” and learns our brand philosophy. This is what allows us to create a unique experience.

For me the most important aspect is personalized beauty; we really need to work at it. Each woman is unique and has unique hair structure. Our natural fall of movement hair cut respects that. It was a revolution in the world of hairstyling and I’m very proud as I have been waging the war against uniformity for 30 years. It takes the industry to new heights. 

Rencontre avec Rossano Ferretti

So how do I get dream hair?

The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the products used by your stylist and at home. There is much less information on haircare products than cosmetics, and yet women should know what they are putting in their hair. Rossano Ferretti products are a combination of nature, luxury, technology and Italian craftsmanship. They are sulphate and paraben free, contain no animal ingredients and are never tested on animals. Welcome to the future! I have been preaching this for years and am proud to finally have changed the hair industry’s discourse. When everyone was going on about “trends” I was talking about “natural” hair. More than just a cut or colour, beauty should be a holistic journey. That is how I see it.

Rencontre avec Rossano Ferretti
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