Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique
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Romantic Monaco, the itineraries of our concierges.

Imagination wins the day, and passionately so. The discreet charm of an exquisite palace joined by a yearning for boundless landscapes. The fragrance of a rose freshly bloomed, the eternally shifting Odyssey of the Mediterranean, a new interpretation of the coast seen from the sky, Les Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, limpid and enveloping. And there, at the edge of the Principality, a dream of world’s end, sketched out on the peninsula of La Vigie. Experience, intensely, the charm of a sophisticated but sensitive world, where each moment is staged with passion.

Step 1: Sheer magnificence

Once upon a time, there was L’Hermitage. A cascade of light on a cosmopolitan Riviera, the hotel built its legend on the timeless elegance of its “Belle Époque” architecture. A neo-classical facade and interior design with a velvety atmosphere, discreet tunnel-taking guests from the hotel to Les Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. In the time, it takes for breakfast on the Winter Garden’s mezzanine, the gold and pastel colours in the Art Nouveau dome signed Gustave Eiffel take on all their splendour.



Breakfast awaits beneath the glass dome, bathed in light.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique



Step 2: Princess Grace Rose Garden

A secret garden blooms in the peacefulness of its arbours. On special themes, in collections, over 315 varieties of roses pay delicate homage to H.S.H. Princess Grace. Designed to recall an English garden, the Roseraie unfurls an enchanting array of subtle fragrances.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique



Step 3: New horizons

Proposing a voyage in the sky, Monaco’s Héliport rubs shoulders with the sea. From Nice’s Bay of Angels to the bluish outline of the Italian Riviera, the entire Côte d’Azur unfurls in a single breath. Seen from the sky, nestling between land and sea, the contours of the Principality offer an unforgettable vision!

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique

Step 4: Flavours and fragrances

Alain Ducasse has launched a new way of experiencing the Mediterranean. Opening out to the luxuriant gardens of the Rotonde wing of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the ÔMER restaurant unfurls aromas from distant shores. Ideal for sharing, a refined assortment of culinary delicacies, essential tastes from Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, the shores of Nice and Malta.


The Wine Circle

A selection of the finest vintages accompanies ÔMER’s menu.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique

Step 5: Well-being

An interlude in which to bask in a cocoon dedicated to well-being and preventive healthcare. In a surface area of 66,000 sq.m, natural treatments are harmoniously di-pensed for beauty care, the silhouette and performance, for long-lasting fulfilment. Sources of vitality, natural light and water perpetuate a legacy of authentic beauty. For dietetic delicacies, L’Hirondelle, overlooking Port Hercule, harvests the best from the Riviera and sustainable fishing.


Alchemy for the senses Massages and guided relaxation benefit from an exceptional setting.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique



Step 6: Magical moments

The call of the sea… Setting off from Port Hercule, the Mediterranean offers itself to you. Cast off and take to the sea for an excursion that skims over the waves. When the sun sets behind the cliffs of La Tête du Chien, a glass of champagne invites you to savour a moment of rare bliss.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique

Step 5: Land ahoy

At the furthest tip of the Principality, La Vigie is unique. The gourmet spirit of the Monte-Carlo Beach reigns over its organic dishes with their iodine flavours. Literally suspended above the sea, with a lounge terrace beneath the stars and a landing stage at the foot of the restaurant, paradise is its second name.


Deep blue sea

The enchanting restaurant La Vigie prolongs summer till the end of the night.

Parcours Concierges - Monaco Romantique
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