Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Electro Deluxe

Electro Deluxe

Electro Deluxe will be on the Opera Garnier stage next November 29th as opening act of Manu Katché's concert ! 

  • Date: 29 November 2018
  • Venue: Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo
  • Electro Deluxe as opening act of Manu Katché
  • Concert type: Seated concert
  • Opening doors : 08:00 pm
  • Concert starts at: 08:30 pm
  • Dress code : Correct attire
  • Minimum age : 7 years
  • Mail: [email protected]

Opening act  : Electro Deluxe

Despite a name that states the contrary, ELECTRO DELUXE is not an electro band. Since James Copley took up the microphone of a band spreading through the scene in France and Navarre, samplers, machines and platinum records were shut in the closet. It was indeed on a quest for pure authenticity and nature that their most recent opus CIRCLE was thought up and recorded.


The album strives for 100% organic music, transcribed to be as close as possible to what is played in the studio, and is all about capturing the current circulating between group members: a telepathic connection in the rhythmic section, brass precision, the shiver of piano chords, bouncy clavinet playing, hearing the slightest of breaths, full-on power, vibrating vocal inflections. Such were the goals of the seven Electro Deluxe masters for this new project. Period instruments, vintage material and recording sessions in the historic Sidney Bechet studios were their gateway into this world.


With a vibrating bass groove as a dance floor, the band marches to an organ beat inherited from the greatest schools of soul. James Copley is always ready to caress or bash the mic, overcome by the band’s brass sounds, the direct descendants of flamboyant funk intertwined with cadences that bring audience members to participate at his side. In short, ELECTRO DELUXE’s members applied themselves to reach their goal. Recorded in live conditions, the album “CIRCLE” imposes the cohesion ELECTRO DELUXE has been adding to the scene for 15 years now. There’s sure to be “deluxe” performance at the Monte Carlo Jazz Festival.


Manu Katché 

Classically trained at the Conservatoire de Paris and destined for a noble career as percussionist in a symphonic orchestra, Manu Katché deviated from the path carved out for him, finding solace with jazz, pop and rock. A studio musician and upper-crust French song accompanist (Goldman, Souchon, Chedid, Catherine Lara, Michel Jonasz, etc.), he owes his international career success to Peter Gabriel, who asked him to play drums for the album “So”.


The very particular sound of his drums got him scouted by pop-rock stars and opened the gates to studios and major international scenes. After Peter Gabriel, he recorded for Joni Mitchell, Sting, Dire Straits, Tears for Fears, The Christians, Robbie Robertson, Joan Armatrading, Paul Young, Tracy Chapman, Youssou N’Dour, Pino Daniele, Simple Minds, Joe Satriani and Richard Wright, without ever snubbing his francophone counterparts, as he met up with Véronique Sanson, Francis Cabrel, Laurent Voulzy, Stephan Eicher and Michel Petrucciani between tours...

Recognised and praised countless times as an exceptional musician and talented composer, Manu Katché will never abandon his first love: Jazz. In 2004, he formed his first band: “Manu Katché Tendances”, with whom he went on international tours and started a recording frenzy. In 2017/2018, he tried playing in a quartet and recorded “The Scope” with long-standing bass-playing friend Jérôme Regard, guitarist Patrick Manouguian and pianist Elvin Galland, who was responsible for the album. He will perform with these members at the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival.