Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Eric Legnini Trio

Eric Legnini Trio

The last night of the festival: Eric Legnini as opening act of Marcus Miller feat. Selah Sue at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo on December 2nd ! 

  • Date: 2 December 2018
  • Venue: Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo
  • Eric Legnini as opening act of Marcus Miller and Selah Sue
  • Concert type: Seated concert
  • Opening doors : 04:30pm
  • Concert starts at: 05:00pm
  • Dress code : Correct attire
  • Minimum age : 7 years
  • Mail: [email protected]

Opening act: Eric Legnini Trio

Pianist, producer, arranger, and passionate vocalist! In a few words, the past few years of Eric Legnini’s career since “The Vox” in 2011 and his Victoire du Jazz award, have continued to explore interactions between vocal and instrumental music, whether in a trio (Franck Agulhon on drums, Thomas Bramerie and Daniel Romeo on bass), or with such artists as Hugh Coltman, Yael Naïm and Natalie Williams.


After a dedication to voice with The Vox, Sing Twice and Waxx Up, Eric Legnini returned to a purely instrumental formula with guitarist Rocky Gresset and long-standing friend Thomas Bramerie on double bass.A bold new turn? Or, rather, a return to the source after starting his career in instrumental music and gaining reputation in a trio (consider for example his unstoppable groovy albums like Trippin’)?


He dabbles in a bit of everything, no doubt, but put simply, the collaboration stems from a desire to re-explore the trio format differently. Firstly, with instrumentation: no drums, but rather guitar and, particularly, continuity of his musical movement. Although voice is not present per se, the three instruments which make up his trio greatly increase its melodic possibilities: Rocky Gresset’s guitar is rich not only according to gypsy style masters (namely Django), but also counterparts Biréli Lagrène and Pat Metheny! His openness lets him play in any context and add to a totally original universe.


Thomas Bramerie’s double bass has not only accompanied the greatest of voices (Dee Dee Bridgewater and Milton Nascimento), but it is also recognised by an entire generation of musicians as a solid basis for song, offering a round, subtle sound. Lastly, Eric Legnini’s keyboard is heavy in experience as a leader and accompanist, whether for a standard repertoire or in a more pop-related context. That said, it remains in line with the melody. Melody and voice are Legnini’s leitmotiv, his musical DNA in so many words. Eric Legnini’s totally unique repertoire points to concerts which adhere to lyricism and, of course, groove!


A meeting at the summit! The idea was born during the 2015 Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival and took form at Jazz à Juan, for which Marcus Miller and Selah Sue shared one evening in 2016. Things clicked right away between the legendary bassist and the Belgian singer. Marcus invited Selah for his new album, the aptly named Laid Black (Blue Note/Universal) and they are back together for the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival.


Marcus Miller has twice been awarded Grammies® and was the recipient of the “Edison Award for Lifetime Achievement in Jazz” and a “Victoire du Jazz” award for his career. Not only is he an electronic bass pioneer and exceptional multi-instrumentalist, but he is also a gifted composer and performs with remarkable talent. The legendary album Tutu was composed and produced by Miles Davis and sealed his reputation worldwide at just 25 years old. Ever since, his many collaborations with greats such as Eric Clapton, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Brian Ferry, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Carlos Santana, have shaped his musical landscape.


Marcus Miller feat. Selah Sue ! 

Born in Louvain in 1989, Selah Sue started singing and composing her first songs at 15. First recognised as an opening act for a Prince concert in Anvers in 2010, she recorded her first eponymous album the following year, which rapidly became a platinum record. Since then, she has been present at various scenes and festivals, where she feels best and can give the best of herself. Between rock, folk, soul, funk, reggae, ragga and jazz today, her musical range has continued to grow. What could her collaboration with the immense Marcus Miller have in store for us? As she sings in her album: “Que Sera Sera”!