Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

The London African Gospel Choir

The Original and Acclaimed performance of Paul Simon's Graceland by the London African Gospel Choir
Sunday, 1 December 2019

Due to the ORSEC plan on the French Riviera, The London African Gospel Choir is cancelled today at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo.

  • Date: 1st december 2019
  • Venue: Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo
  • Concert type: Seated concert
  • Opening doors : 4:30 pm
  • Beginning of the concert: 5:00 pm
  • Dress code : Jacket required - Correct attire
  • Minimum age: 7 years
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Official website: https//

“What sets us apart is that we come from different countries of the African diaspora,” explains Crystal Kassi as she leads her guest through London’s southeast district, home to the choir of which she is both the founder and musical director.


“We have people from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zaire, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Uganda and Congo ... We also all come from different churches. The common denominator is our faith, even if we welcome everyone.”


The inclusion of the Caribbean on this African list will not have escaped anyone nor the symbolism that accompanies it. Africa is universal, extra-continental, and gospel is just one of the many shoots of a huge fruit tree with fertile roots.


When she started the choir in 2002, Kassi’s goal was as simple as it was clear: to spread the gospel in question and to create a platform of excellence for singers and musicians, relying on an essentially Ugandan, Southern African and African-American repertoire. In 2016, the choir was invited to perform at the 30th anniversary celebration of Graceland, Paul Simon’s crossroads album, offering them a new light and definitively establishing it as one of the richest and most varied vocal and musical ensembles in the gospel sphere.


Today, the leitmotif has only changed in words: enlighten the world with a song. We’ve had worse campaign promises...