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Whatever your age, ability or personality, you’ll find a style of yoga or Pilates you’ll love at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Marina Bordet takes a holistic approach to classes, where she focuses on making traditional physical techniques accessible for all participants.

Whether you’re looking for dynamic, intense yoga or gentler, more meditative techniques, there’s a class here to suit you!

Class Timeable*

  • Private classes by appointment only
  • Prices**: €30 per class, or receive a 10% discount on 10 classes (total price €270), Aqua Yoga €60

Yoga for Anxiety: yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation for restoring calm

Cardio Asana: a yoga-inspired cardio and muscle-strengthening workout

Ashtanga Yoga: a traditional, energetic style of yoga

Vinyasa Yoga: a seamless flow of dynamic poses

Pilates: exercises targeting deep muscles that strengthen and align the body

Sweet Yoga: relaxing yoga

Yin Yoga: a slow practice of floor poses which work on the body’s Chinese meridians and deep tissue

Yoga for your Back: yoga classes focusing on back strength and mobility

Chakra Yoga: poses and meditation that promote energy circulation

Aqua Yoga: a new, gravity-defying yoga experience, where the sensation of weightlessness and the fluidity of your movements in the water help you to achieve deep, long-lasting relaxation

*Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class is due to start

**Cash or cheque accepted