Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Quality-ageing programme

Innovation and know-how

Restore Youthfulness
  • Anti-ageing
  • Programmes
  • 4 days

4 days to restore youth with 17 treatments and health/beauty consultations.

With this programme, you can age gracefully and help your face and body maintain a youthful appearance.
Over the 4 days, you will see tangible results towards maintaining a youthful appearance and experiencing wellness.

  • A professional team
  • Unrivalled technological equipment
  • Leading-edge medical partnerships
  • A primary physician
  • Individualised packages
  • The price, which does not include accommodation, includes lunch at L’Hirondelle

If you are 30 or older, take care of your body, skin and facial features. Over 2.5 hours of targeted treatments per day selected with our physician for clear and visible anti-ageing results: anti-ageing aesthetic and technological treatments the for face and body, marine treatments, individual coaching, cryotherapy…


The programme includes the following tests, vital for personalising your programme:

  • Medical examination and bioimpedance analysis (this test measures body composition – body fat, muscle mass, water content, etc.)
  • Nutritional and micronutritional analysis
  • Aesthetic analysis

A professional team, unrivalled technological equipment and leading-edge medical partnerships.


The individualised packages are based on biological and physical measurements, allowing you to make new lifestyle choices and obtain visible, long-lasting results.


Our primary physician, Dr Duhem, selects the manual and/or technological treatments that are most suited depending on the tests run internally or externally with our health partners in Monaco.
As a genuine health consultant, he also offers post-stay monitoring in different ways (e-mails, video conference, etc.) in order to help you maintain and maximise the results obtained until your next stay.