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Wellness Programme

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  • Wellness
  • Programmes
  • 4 days

A 4-day package dedicated to wellness with 14 treatments and health consultations.


Take this ideal wellness break as often as possible at any time of year.

  • A professional team
  • Unrivalled technological equipment
  • Leading-edge medical partnerships
  • A primary physician
  • Individualised packages
  • The price, which does not include accommodation, includes lunch at L’Hirondelle
  • Extra day: €350

We select over 1.5 hours of treatments per day with the primary care physician for maximum results on energy levels: massages, marine treatments, face treatments, cryotherapy…


The following tests are vital for personalising your fitness regime:
Medical examination and bioimpedance analysis (this test measures body composition – body fat, muscle mass, water content, etc.)


Nutritional and micronutritional analysis

A professional team, unrivalled technological equipment and leading-edge medical partnerships.


The individualised packages are based on biological and physical measurements, allowing you to make new lifestyle choices and obtain visible, long-lasting results.


Our primary physician, Dr Duhem, selects the manual and/or technological treatments that are most suited depending on the tests run internally or externally with our health partners in Monaco.


As a genuine health consultant, he also offers post-stay monitoring in different ways (e-mails, video conference, etc.) in order to help you maintain and maximise the results obtained until your next stay.