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Special care for pregnant women at the Cinq Mondes Spa

Cinq Mondes spa

Discover the sublime Bola ritual, an essential for future mothers
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Come and enjoy a relaxing day at the Cinq Mondes spa at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

During pregnancy, the body is very busy and undergoes many hormonal, physical and emotional changes... How can we help expectant mothers improve their experience during this period?
What if the other parent could also contribute to this well-being? To tame this changing body and take care of the baby to come, Cinq Mondes has developed a new treatment especially for pregnant women, the Sublime Bola Ritual.

  • Massage sublime of Bola (50 min): 150€ per person
  • Upon prior reservation and subject to availability

This treatment allows you to untie areas of tension to find a relaxed and light body thanks to gentle smoothing adapted to pregnant women and a specific massage with the Bola - sound massaging balls used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost energy circulation and relax.


During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, the baby's hearing develops. Thanks to the soft sound of the Bola, we can get in touch with the unborn child and stimulate its development. Once born, this sound will continue to calm and reassure him.

A complete treatment where each area is pampered: massage of the back, arms, legs, belly and also the face. Throughout the protocol, special attention will be paid to the comfort of the pregnant woman thanks to the different ergonomic cushions, the pressure exerted and the perfumes used.

Spa Cinq Mondes, ancestral rituals for a well-being and beauty break in Monaco.


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