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The casinos of Monaco are committed to ensuring that all players are taken care of, all the time.



Whether you’re a gambler or relative of a gambler, there are tools available that will help to answer your questions.



Our staff are trained to offer you support to ensure that gambling remains a way to have fun and nothing more.

Based on our experience, we undertake to provide you with the best advice and, where necessary, to direct you to the best people to speak to.

Jeu Responsable Nos Conseils
Jeu Responsable Nos Conseils

A listening ear & assistance are available. 

E. :  [email protected]

T. : +33 9 74 75 13 13 (Calls will not be charged at premium rate)




Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace 

1 avenue Pasteur 

98000 Monaco - Principauté de Monaco 

T. +377 97 98 84 22 


CSAPA Archet

151 Route Saint Antoine de Ginestière - 06200 Nice

T. +33 4 92 03 77 77

Monaco casinos are now “Responsible Gaming Certified”  issued at ICE London, by the ECA, European Casino Association.


It guarantees a responsible framework for casino clients to enjoy an exclusive gaming experience focused above all on entertainment and enjoyment

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